There was one place m Europe and certainly in the whole world where chimneys grew, mine galleries were drilled and the worker did not leave Jesus Christ. It was Silesia.


(Cardinal Franciszek Macharski – Men’s and Male Adolescents’ Pilgrimage in 1979)


The proof of that faithfulness until today is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Social Justice and Love in Piekary Śląskie. One may understand the characteristics of this place referring to its history which, thanks to visible presence of Mother of God and Her activity for over three hundred years, has made it possible to speak about genius loci. That is about the peculiarity of this place, its spirit, about something that makes it special Miraculous influence of Our Lady over time, together with common and universal translation of the Gospel into the language of the working people in the categories of social life - that is the real originality of this place.


(Priest Władysław Nieszporek, Guardian of the Sanctuary)

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